Nattmannens datter – Sound design

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This is the biggest book trailer production yet by Bjørneby Productions. I did sound recording on the location (a weekend in Bergen this spring) and the sound design afterwords. Watch it in 1080p quality if you can. In addition to this trailer for web we also made a 30 second commercial for movie theatres in ...

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Stina saga – Sound design

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A new book trailer from Bjørneby productions. This time in two versions – a six minute trailer (above) and a one minute teaser. View them in 1080p if you can! Since my last post about these book trailers I’ve also done the sound design on “Alvestad” and “Maria av Svaneberg“. While you’re at it, you ...

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Stormvinder – Sound design

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Here’s another one of the book trailers from Bjørneby Productions on which I’ve done the sound. Both on location, post production and sound design this time. It’s called “Stormvinder” and works as an online commercial for the book series from Cappelen Damm with the same name. Directed by Magnus Bjørneby, grip/lights by Mads Hoel and ...

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Livets Lenker – Sound design

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Bjørneby Productions has made another book trailer for Cappelen Damm. I did not have time for the field recording, but have done audio post production and sound design. The short film called “Livets Lenker” is directed by Magnus Bjørneby and shot on RED One by Torgeir Haugaard. Watch the film at the Norske Serier site. ...

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Posted by on Sep 18, 2009 in Music, Sound design | No Comments is finally launched, a project I’ve been working on for the last six months. It’s an electronic music podcast and blog. It’s been a while since I retired as a house dj and a host in the radio show about electronic music called Feedback. This winter I felt the urge to work with electronic ...

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Sagaen om Sunniva – Sound design

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I didn’t have time to do the field recording this time, but it still was fun to do the sound design for Bjørneby Productions latest book trailer. The music is based on a track by Pierre Gerwig Langer, but I added a few elements and my wife Anne Marit did additional vocals. The commercial is ...

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