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New track available for licensing at Music Vine and streaming/download at most common services. My wife has contributed with vocals this time. 

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This track is my tribute to a beautiful place and a quite special house for me and my family. It is more cinematic and melodic than most of my music until now, and it is written for a drone video I’ve made from Måløy, Norway.

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Loose (Braak remix)

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Official remix of ‘Loose’ by Ed Carlsen made for Moderna Records and released as a free download! I had great fun doing this, cause both the original track and Carlsens album ‘The Journey Tapes’ as a whole is of extremely high quality.

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The Alleys guest mix

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Here are some of my favourite ambient and melodic techno tracks blended together in a 30 minute DJ mix. This was recorded live for The Alleys Radio Show October 2015, hosted by the amazing We Are All Astronauts.

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New downtempo track in which I’m testing out my DSI Prophet 08 synth and Roland FP-50 stage piano. They are both relatively new additions to my studio and sadly they have mostly been used for fill-in sounds and midi triggering until now.

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I had loads of fun collaborating with Erlend of Klondike with a more post rock inspired sound. He plays all guitars and bass in this slow yet uplifting track called Sirup. Check out his great afrofolk band Klondike as well.

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North EP

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We’re back with a new EP already after our Signals release last fall on Silk Textures. This time on the Silk Sofa label of Silk Music. “North” EP by Zimpzon & Braak contains three ambient/downtempo tracks inspired by the chilly north.

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Silk Sofa Sessions guest mix

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I had the pleasure of making a guest mix for the Silk Sofa Sessions radio show hosted by Gorm Sørensen. It’s a mix of ambient music and more percussive downtempo I’ve been enjoying lately. There’s even a premiere of “Numb” by Zimpzon & Braak.

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Runaways remix competition winner

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I’ve been making music with my producer friend Zimpzon lately. We got a lot of our own productions coming out, but we’ve also had fun making a remix together. We entered the Black Sunset Remix Competition for the track Runaways. And we won! Our downtempo remix is now released on Beatport and other online stores. ...

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