Maschine Mikro testing

Jul 30, 2012

I just bought a Maschine Mikro sampler/groovebox/sequencer and it’s great fun! This is a video I recorded of my first project, having played with it just one afternoon. Inspiring piece of equipment!

It’s made in Maschine standalone mode and recorded in Cubase 6.5. The track is called “Braak – No Stress” and is also available at my SoundCloud page.


  • I have komplete 8 and a midi coltnorer keyboard. I use Sonar X1 to record. I was thinking about getting a Maschine Mikro. But? after watching this video I think the Mikro is nothing more than a repackaged version of what I already have. Dont need the square buttons to play/program beats I got a keyboard that will do it just the same and then just use sonar to capture the sequence. Now I know that? it comes with 6GB’s of sounds but Komplete 8 has 110GB. including drums. Why would I get one. HELP

  • Hi, Rudy! Thanks for commenting.

    I bet the sounds are pretty much the same if you already have Komplete 8. If you have a good set of pads on your keyboard and you have mapped them in a decent way to your Sonar, than you may not need such a tool as Maschine. But for me the Maschine Mikro gave a new approach to programming music. The standalone sequencer is really easy to use and does quick playing and programming much more available than it was for me in Cubase. In particular sampling and slicing of the samples is really quick. Everything the Maschine Mikro does I could have done in Cubase, but not as fast. I have a Novation Impulse 49 Midi keyboard with Automap as well, but I still think the Mikro was a good addition to my studio in terms of joy.

    I hope this helped you 🙂


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